Quantitative Research

Quantitative Research

As a leading fieldwork market research Firm, in is uniquely positioned to deliver on quantitative research projects. Our quantitative capabilities encompass Europe Asia pacific North America MENA recruitment of respondents and services data collection online survey question nary, univariate needs to highly complex, multivariate surveys. our quantitative Research method provides the very useful empirical and mathematical observation, Our quick turnaround offerings allow for quantitative results in as little as one week to one month, while our ability to custom develop complex inputs such as chart studies and conjoint exercises is extremely robust.

survey design

We are happy to announce advice our clients on screener development to ensure you are targeting the appropriate respondents to align with on your quantitative research objectives. we use of the innovative technical analysis method Similarly, we could provide assistance to development of discussion group working together with you to ask the right questions to achieve your related services research objectives.

Client programming

Our team in-house programming telephonic/online Focus group CATI, Hybrid and quality control team is among the best of the market research industry, providing custom survey data processing and analysis dynamic open ended coding capabilities, including high level complexity chart studies and conjoint surveys. Additionally, we maintain an on-going partnership with an offshore agency which allows our clients to take advantage of 24/7 programming capabilities.


Results for your study project may be delivered in a variety of formats. Most often our clients receive data files in MS-Excel, Word formats or SPSS. Cross-tabulations are also available as a deliverable for any quantitative research study, regardless of whether you desire a summary report.